Return Policy

We reserve the right to refuse the customer's return request in the following circumstances:

  1. Return and exchange reflecting to us exceed the return period (contact within five days of receipt of the goods)
  2. Goods that are used or caused by personal damage
  3. The product is not provided by us
  4. The goods themselves do not have quality problems
  5. The picture has a color difference with product.
  6. If the product has a short expiry period, the product brief will clearly stated. If customer agreed to purchase the , in this case, the product expiration date cannot be used as a return request.

*Customer should consider the shipping risk before purchasing. If there is any damage or loss during the transportation, customer will be responsible for the loss.

*If you cancel your order for personal reasons after payment, you will be charged a refund of 5% of the full bill and a shipping fee for the returned goods.

The return procedure is as follows:

  1. Keep all packaging materials, including original packaging and related gifts.
  2. Contact us within five days of receiving the goods and submit a return request.
  3. After confirming that the goods status meets the requirements of the return policy, we will notify you of the return application as soon as possible.
  4. Arrange for replacement within seven working days after the goods are reclaimed#.

#If we fail to receive the goods within seven days, we will reserve the right to cancel the return of the goods.